By John K. Char, DDS, DHM, PhD, LMT

Optimal healing and wellness cannot take place unless the mind, emotions, biochemical, body and spirit are in harmony with each other. Healing occurs when your energy has that harmonious energy that created the planet and that keeps your heart beating and your blood chemistry balanced. Healing occurs when you release all yourself to be well. Healing occurs when you are in harmony with your life's purpose and have peace within yourself. Healing occurs when you've created a sense of balance and security in your life. Healing happens when you have a powerful belief and faith in your immune system to function at peak performance. Unconditional love is the most powerful stimulant of the immune system. The focus of holistic dental care is centered around the patient's inherent energy that allows the body to self-correct and create homeostasis (balance). When this healing energy called the vital force is suppressed by disrupted forces in the mouth, the biologically knowledgeable dentist using proper safety procedures can remove toxic dental metals (which releases toxic vapors and chemicals into the brain and body) and eliminate any aberrant electromagnetic current in the mouth.

According to Voll and Gletisch, each tooth is related to a acupuncture meridian that is connected to an organ meridian, muscle, vertebrae, spinal cord, endocrine gland, and cranial nerve. Whenever a tooth is traumatized or irritated from a toxic dental material and an electromagnetic current, its associated part is also involved. At first, the associated part becomes irritated and inflamed, and this may lead to an acute symptom of distress. As this disturbance continues, the organ meridian may show signs of dysfunction. And if left untreated, eventually, the organ meridian conditions becomes chronic and the meridian organ becomes degenerative and diseased. The associated muscle may show symptoms of fatigue and hyper-contraction and muscle hardening leading to trigger points and consequent pain. The associated spinal nerve may become inflamed and the patient may complain of a backache. A vertebrae may be out of place (subluxated) and the patient will seek a chiropractor for treatment. A cranial nerve involved may show symptoms of distress in the head and neck area such as stiffness in the face and neck muscles, headaches, eye, ear and nose problems.

Understanding how the teeth directly influences other body structures, the holistic dentist recognizes these energetic imbalances and seeks to balance the acupuncture meridians and Chakras (energy centers) with spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical level treatments.

Tooth and organs relationship chart